Wingnut Week In Review: When All Else Fails, Go Back To Benghazi

Here’s a basic rule of thumb for wingnut rhetoric. If right-wingers have returned to flogging that dead horse called Benghazi, they’re fresh out of ideas again. This week, wingnuts weren’t just beating a dead horse. They were almost making glue.

Maybe they got the idea from Fox News contributor Alan West, who assured America that the racism of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was indeed terrible, but not as terrible as Benghazi.

It got worse from there, once a White House email that revealed nothing new got things rolling

 That wasn’t quite enough to get everyone aboard. Even Fox News’ Ed Henry admitted that Benghazi “shouldn’t come up every day if there’s not new information.”

Unfortunately that’s not enough to put Henry on the same page as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D, Calif.), who asked the question on everyone else’s mind: “Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi. Why aren’t we talking about something else?”

Here’s the rest of the best of the worst in wingnuttia this week: 

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